What Happens When You Call

What happens when you call Alcoholics Anonymous at (905) 631-8784?

Need to speak to someone about Alcoholism? Not sure where to turn? Afraid someone might “find you out”? Relax, this is what happens when you call Alcoholics Anonymous at (905) 631-8784

  • You can call anytime… Day or night, 365 days a year, holidays included.

  • Our answering service does not use Caller ID. Your identity is protected.

  • Your call will be answered by a “Real” person – not a recorded message.

  • The first person you talk to is not an alcoholic. But they are ready to help you get in touch with someone who is.

  • If you just have a question about A.A. – you can usually get your answer right away.

Our operators can answer questions like:

  • Where are the A.A. meetings in my area?

  • Where are there local treatment centres?

  • Where are there local detox centres?

  • Contact information for groups that help with things other than alcohol (eg. Cocaine, Marijuana, Gambling, etc.)

  • Contact information for groups that help the family and friends of those suffering from alcoholism – Al-anon.

If you want to talk with someone who knows what you are going through, our operators can put you in touch with a recovering alcoholic…

  • You will be asked for a phone number where you can be reached.

  • Our operator will find a recovering alcoholic (from a list of volunteers) that is able to talk to you. Depending on the time of day and the availability of our volunteers, this might take a few minutes. Most of our callers get to talk to a recovering alcoholic within an hour of your first call.

  • The recovering alcoholic will give you a call at the number you give us.

  • The rest is up to you.

Here are a couple of things to remember…

  • There is no charge for our service. Helping others is something that helps a recovering alcoholic stay sober.

  • You are under no obligation to do ANYTHING!

  • If you decide that A.A. is not for you – that’s fine. We will stop there.

  • You won’t get a phone call, letter, or email from us, unless you give us explicit permission to do so.

  • A.A. does not keep any record of the identities of the people who call us.